MOPS Topics and Speakers

Tentative 2013-2014

September 9:    Motherhood: The Beautiful Mess  -- General Welcome and Introduction to MOPS

September 23:  Taming the Mess - Organizing and D
├ęcor with Cathy and Jordan Chitwood     

October 14:       Embracing Your Mess - Enjoying all stages of parenting with Kim Wood

October 28:       Hot Mess - Women's Health with Leslie Koopman

November 11:    Spinning Plates - Meal Planning

November 25:    Controlling Your Mess

December 9:      Christmas Brunch- with Rob Eyeman

January 13:       Shakin' Yo Mess - ZUMBA with Trinette Dommer

January 27:       Embrace The Mess Makers: Grace Based Parenting with Jessie Roseberry

February 10:     Pampering Your Mess     
February 24:     Filtering The Mess - Kids and Media with Amy Anthony

March 10:          Embrace Your Inner Child

April 14:            Mess Into Message

April 28:            Bloom Where You're Planted - Katrina Elliott

May 12:             Loving Your Mess